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Preparation of Learning for ADA Compliance and Accommodation

Since eLearning is delivered online through websites and learning management systems, being cognizant of the 

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines, leads to:

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

Often abbreviated to WCAG, they are a series of guidelines for improving web accessibility. Produced by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the WCAG are the best means of making your website useful to all of your users.

Examples of elements which are considered in 

eLearning Instructional Design

  • Using ALT text to describe the content of an IMAGE

  • Enabling SCREEN READERS where sound files occurs

Here is an example of a YouTube Video, with CLOSED CAPTION enabled, and a TRANSCRIPT is posted along with the video











 “Basics of Creating a Survey in Google Forms”


In the last video, we did a basic setup with Google forms on our survey.  

Let's look at it a little bit more in detail putting some questions together, previewing it,  

and then looking to send it and communicate with our respondent.  

So, here's a section header survey one, with our description. Let's move over here to the plus  

sign, where we want to add a question. The first question will be "how did you rate the product?"

Our question type is going to be multiple choice,

and in this case, we'll say

GREAT as one option, GOOD as another, FAIR as a third, and POOR  

as our last one. We could add another other option if we wanted to,  

but in this case, if we needed to delete something as an option, we can do that. If we want to add  

an image to our option, we can do it here, and select our photo.

We can also add an image to the question itself.  

If we want to require an answer to the question, we can select that. If we need to do something  

else, perhaps when we talk about skip logic and branching, we may need to select that, but this  

is just a general introduction to a question inside of a survey. If i want to preview it,

that's what it looks like.

Now let's go send it to someone. It's a one question survey. The purple send button will  

give us the option to either set up our email right here with the link included,  

which is what this first option does, but if we want to have our own link and copy/ paste  

it in our email, that's fine. We can do it that way, or embed it into the HTML of a website,  

and then finally Facebook or Twitter has an ability to copy it right in there.  

If I sent it as an email, I would put the

Here's our subject, survey. I’ve invited you to fill out a form.  

All of this is customizable by you, and includes the form in the email

And if i did this and click SEND, then it would send that particular respondent an email.  

We talk about having a good introduction, with parameters,  

and times, and when the link will be available to the respondent, so in either case, however  

you choose to communicate to your respondent, both ways will work inside of the survey itself.

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