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Surveys, Quizzes and Assessments

In all phases of a learning project, information needs to be gathered from learners and even other stakeholders involved in the learning process.

Before, during and concluding a learning project, I design and use a variety of tools for each step in the learning. It is a critical component in the

PLANNING of my eLearning instructional design.

Listed here are examples in eLearning projects, where I have developed:

  • A Survey

         This is the link to  " Survey About Surveys"  created in Qualtrics

               Click here to learn how it was developed

  • A Quiz

            #1 Quiz-- This is the link to:

            "Quiz about what is commonly in your medicine cabinet" created in Google Forms


           #2 Quiz-- This is the link to:

            "LifeStyle Medicine Quizzes" created in Coassemble LMS

                   Click here to learn how these 2 QUIZZES were developed

  • An Assessment assignment to measure pre and post aptitude, with rubric for scoring

           ​This is the link to a DESCRIPTION and development SUMMARY

               of the assessment assignment  "Build a Survey" 

               Created in the Canvas Learning Management Systems

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