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Tamara (Tammy) Parks BS MEd

eLearning Instructional Designer


Welcome to my page!

Here are 5 TOP things to know about me

1.  My Education

Master of Education-​Learning and Technology

Western Governors University- January 2021

Master's Research Capstone:

“Impacts on Online Adult Learning: Supplementing Instruction of Survey Design Skills Using Play and Gamification Elements”


Bachelor of Science-Psychology

Michigan State University


2.    My Visions

  • To always look for goodness in everything

  • To find the best ways to understand and then teach the world we live in, virtually and non-virtually, while promoting and celebrating that goodness.

  • To capture knowledge and honor it in ways which care for ourselves and others

3.   My Passions, Inspirations and Challenges

  • Traveling the world by ship or by shore, to continue a journey of lifelong learning​

  • Being one who CREATES whether by art, craft, web or the stroke of a pen​

  • Promoting a whole food plant based lifestyle for health of ourselves, animals, and the planet Earth​

  • Supporting people who turn their gifts of speech and guidance into actions which lift people up instead of tear them down​

  • Taking remnants of the past and turning them into valued treasures and new learning

4.   My Subject Matter Expertise 

Behavioral Research- 5 years collecting observational and survey data from middle school students, educators, parents and young children. Coding and cleaning data for analysis

Certified  Pharmacy Technician Compounding-7 years for 3 different compounding pharmacies in California, Oregon and Michigan. Led compounding labs and computerized inventory systems, designed company websites, and implemented computer databases for organization and access to prescription formulas.

Computer, movie video, and electronics sales & service- 10 years of retail management experience, with opportunities for training and support of sales and operations staff.

Software training- 3 years engaging with the consumer public instructing software skills in:

  • Basic computer operation and internet navigation

  • Digital Music

  • Digital Photography

  • Digital Video Editing

  • Microsoft Office Applications ( Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access )

Travel Professional- 5+ years working with consumers and travel agents with air, tours, cruises, car rentals and travel insurance reservations & servicing.​

Management- 10 years supervising and managing environments in retail sales, operations, behavioral research and staff computer software training​

Technical training instruction/consultation- 5+ years designing, developing and implementing classroom and virtual e-learning in:

  • Online survey design and administration

  • Web conferencing setup and recording

  • Employee orientation and staff development

Nursing Assistant-  2 years caring for nursing home residents.

Plasma Donor Center Technician- conducting medical  pre-screenings for potential plasma center donors. Facilitating donor floor production tasks and phlebotomy.

Behavioral Health Professional- facilitating the care and well-being of adult mentally ill clients

Professional Associations and Memberships

  • eLearning Industry-Member and AUTHOR (see this LINK)

  • Association for Talent Development ( 

  • Project Management Institute (PMI) - Member

  • Learning Guild-Member

5.   About the Rest of Me

  • Born in Newport, Rhode Island--grew up in Michigan, lived in 7 states across the US before settling down and getting married in Springfield, Oregon. We are staff to our 2 feline fur-babies Ivy and Max.

  • When sports are available, you can find me in the crowd at the University of Oregon, during Volleyball, Women's Basketball, Softball and Track & Field seasons. This year, at historic Hayward field, I celebrated my 11th year as a track and field official in the throwing events

  • Clocks and clockmaking are a new adventure I hope to indulge in when I retire ( if not before), as my dream is to see real cuckoo clocks in the Black Forest of Germany

  • After working at Blockbuster Video, I have discovered that I have a particular love of movies made in the 1940's and in my down time, Turner Classic Movies is my friend.

Favorite movie you ask?​

1948- I Remember Mama

Starring Irene Dunne and a very young Barbara Bel Geddes ( who went on to become more famous in the 1980s as the matriarchal character Miss Ellie Ewing in television's "Dallas")

A close 2nd.........

"Hidden Figures"

If I have not bored you and you have read this entire page of my profile:

email me at and tell me the name of your FAVORITE MOVIE

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