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Digital Photography Editing Samples

Photo #2 Basil

In this example, an Original photo was taken in Oregon, at my residence, in our raised bed of herbs, from the camera on my iPhone 8, and brought into Mac Preview for image transformation


The editing process STEPS in Mac Preview

Step 1- The Original Photograph

  • Image captured from iPhone and transferred to computer via email attachment, and opened in Mac Preview

  • File size: 5.9MB

  • Dimensions: 3457 X 2579 pixels

  • Format JPEG

  • High resolution image, very large file size for web, good print resolution


Step 2-Resize

  • Resized file size: 355 KB

  • Dimensions: 800 X 597 pixels

  • Format: JPEG

  • This size would align closer to a standard for web, and load faster on a web page, as it is:

    • between 800-1000 pixels in each dimension​

    • under 500 KB in file size

Step 3- Crop and convert to other file format

  • Cropped to change composition of image, where foliage of basil is greater focus

  • This file format was converted to PNG by saving identical file in

          step 2 to .png​

  • File size: 784 KB

  • Dimensions: 653 X 587 pixels

  • Prepared for use on web or print projects requiring this file format


Step 4- Adding sepia effect to image

  • Still in PNG format

  • Sepia setting moved to far left on settings ( as shown in figure )

  • File size: 645 KB

  • Dimensions: 653 X 587 pixels

Screen Shot 2021-02-13 at 4.07.33 PM.png
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