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Quiz Development

  #1 QUIZ-- This is the link to  "Quiz about what is commonly in your medicine cabinet"


  • Short 5 question ( 6 point ) MINI Quiz,

  • Designed and created in Google Forms (LINK TO PDF HERE)

  • Example of a PRE-assessment to measure aptitude levels of potential Pharmacy Technician students

  • Used as a NEEDS assessment , for basis of development in future class: "Pharmacy Calculations Basics" to be developed in MOODLE LMS-March 2021

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#2 QUIZ-- This is the link to:  "Lifestyle Medicine Quizzes"


  • 3 short section quizzes

    • 1 section of  8 True/False questions​

    • 1 section of  8 Matching questions

    • 1 section of  6 basic Multiple choice questions

  • Designed and created in Coassemble LMS 

  • Posted on website project 

                          "Lifestyle Medicine with Dr. Charles Ross and Scott Wagnon PA-C"​

  • Implemented in website learning to increase student learning and engagement, in a FUN and interactive way

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