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Designing Online Surveys 

This 8-10 hour workshop format class served as my research-based capstone project, required to graduate with a Master of Education in Learning and Technology at Western Governors University.
It drew from my own career subject matter expertise, in developing paper and online surveys.
It introduced elements of gamification and digital badging, as well as focus on adult learning strategies.
For results of the research: 

“Impacts on Online Adult Learning: Supplementing Instruction of Survey Design Skills Using Play and Gamification Elements”

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View Course Syllabus (PDF) Here

Learning Management System: Canvas LMS

PDF sample of 5 screenshots from learning unit

My Role:

       Complete responsibility of needs assessment, analysis, design, development, implementation, facilitation, and evaluation of class unit

Target Audience:

  • Adult professionals aged over 40, who have basic aptitude levels in computers and internet technologies, while having experience TAKING online surveys

  • Are currently employed, or are in career transition, and are looking to enhance their skill sets building online surveys, which are focused on the avoidance of survey respondent abandonment.

Learning Objectives: ( learners will be able to:)

  • Identify elements in online surveys which lead to respondent abandonment

  • Discern between survey elements which lead to respondent abandonment and avoid using them in their designs

  • Develop online surveys characterized by elements of strong, positive communications between administrator and respondent

  • Improve design and development of online surveys to contain fewer elements leading to respondent abandonment

Additional Tools and Technologies used:

  • Screencastify

  • Doodly animation software

  • Google Forms, Docs and Sheets

  • YouTube Channel and Editor

  • Canva Graphics

  • Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint


  • Adobe Acrobat Pro

Learning Theories Highlighted :

  • Gagne's 9 events

  • Malcolm Knowles Andragogy

  • Kapp's Microlearning and Gamification


Date Created: November 2020

Development Process Summary:

  • Recruit volunteer distance learning students in locations across the US

  • Pre-survey volunteers to assess understanding of survey design aptitude levels, and determine needs assessment

  • Conduct literature review to narrow scope of learning research topic

  • Document learning objectives to build syllabus, lesson plans and pre-post assessment instruments ( Based on Gagne's 9 events)

  • Organize content and design flowchart for unit modules

  • Prepare content assignments, assessments, documents, graphics and multimedia files ( based on Kapp's Microlearning and Gamification models)

  • Record  and edit screencasting, animation and demonstration videos 

  • Implement learning content in Canvas

  • Open access to learning to students for 2 week window

  • Collect results from pre and post-test assignments ( based on Knowles adult self-directed learning model)

  • Collect qualitative data through follow-up online survey and phone interviews

  • Analyze results and report conclusions

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