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Audio Capturing and Editing

Audio Capture

When Audio is captured, sometimes it is along with the video. 

But what if there is only an AUDIO clip?

Perhaps it is because it is recorded as:

  • An audio only PODCAST


  • a VOICEOVER clip to be added to a video

  • a MUSIC file to be added along with a voice file as another track

Having an AUDIO CAPTURE AND EDITING program will help manage these situations

One such example, is ADOBE AUDITION

Here is an example of recording a voice file in MP3 sound format in Audition, TRIMMING it, and then adding it as a track to an animated video in DOODLY

Step 1.  RECORD the voice file in Audition and save it as .mp3

Step 2. Use Audition to TRIM the audio to fit the already recorded DOODLY video

Step 3. After track is in DOODLY, add other tracks, such as background music

Here is the link to the entire Video with voice and music tracks

Voice Audio Sample
Screen Shot 2021-02-17 at 6.33.33 PM.png
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