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Digital Photography Editing Samples

Photo #1 Western Honey Bee

In this example, an Original photo was taken in Oregon of a bee from the camera on my iPhone 8, and brought into Adobe Photoshop for image transformation

The editing process STEPS in Adobe Photoshop

Step 1- The Original Photograph

  • Image captured from iPhone and transferred to computer via email attachment, and opened in Adobe Photoshop

  • File size: 1.8MB 

  • Dimensions: 2999 X 2509 pixels

  • Format JPEG

  • This is a great starting image to edit for web, based on its high resolution 


Step 2- Crop and Resize

  • Cropped to change composition of image, where bee is enlarged and more central in view

  • Cropped file size: 95 KB

  • Dimensions: 475 X 382 pixels

  • Format: JPEG

  • This size would align closer to a standard for web, and load faster on a web page, as it is:

    • between 800-1000 pixels in each dimension​

    • under 500 KB in file size

Step 3- Convert to Grayscale

  • Image dimensions, file type, and positioning unchanged from step 2

  • Saturation setting in Adobe Photoshop changed to -99

  • File size: 83KB

  • Outcome: grayscale effect 

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