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Document Preparation for Web-Ready Communications and Resources

Sometimes the needs of an eLearning project involve being as much an EDITOR as it does being an instructional designer 

When Subject Matter Experts and stakeholders present DOCUMENTS

of content, they can originate in a variety of FORMATS

This is where the following checklist serves as a GUIDE to preparation and organization of materials to be posted to a Learning Management System OR a Learning Website


  1. If not already in digital format, scan or have documents typed, organized and checked for spelling & grammar accuracy.   ​​

  2. Save in appropriate word processing, editable format, such as .docx

  3. When editing is complete, save in PDF format, and enable password protection or read-only features if necessary

  4. If it is necessary to have a TRANSPARENT background, PNG is the preferred format to save in

  5. To capture screenshot PDFs or PNG format files for web-posting, recommend using a screen capture program such as:

    "Go Full Page" extension for Google Chrome​

For example:


   6. Careful use of WHITESPACE in documents makes readability easier

   7. Group content into CATEGORIES corresponding to

   Learning Objectives

   8. Consider a web-friendly FONT such as ARIAL or TAHOMA

   9. Use a good BALANCE of VISUALS ( photos/graphics), COLOR, and STYLE elements  (borders, decorative touches, etc.)

Good Documentation Editing can make all the difference between a boring Word document and a POWERFUL communication

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