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Learning Objectives:

  • Learner will be able to recognizedefine coronavirus and it's relationship to Covid-19

  • Learner will be able to identify best practices for personal safety when in environments of health risk

  • Learner will have resources available to explore and expand on introductory information given in this course, for further understanding

My Role:

       Independent eLearning project consultant, instructional designer, instructor and facilitator

Target Audience:

       Adults in workplace environments or travel situations

Learning Management System:

       Coassemble LMS

Additional Tools and Technologies used:

  • YouTube Editor ( uploading video to channel and adding closed captions and transcripts)

  • Canva ( for graphics)

  • Google Docs ( for writing video script )

  • Google Slides ( for storyboard creation  of Introduction Video in Overview section of Coassemble LMS)



  • Adobe Audition ( recording sound track for animation video)

  • Doodly ( for creating animated intro video)

Learning Theories Highlighted :

  • Microlearning


Click Here To View ADDIE Flowchart used in this Project


Date Created: February 2021

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