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Survey Development Process of

 "Survey About Surveys"

used as a PRE-learning analysis needs assessment tool in the Canvas LMS based learning unit

"Designing Online Surveys"

Development Steps:

  1. Acquire a limited, free survey creation account in QUALTRICS ( www.qualtrics.com)

  2. Conduct research, through scholarly sources and professional business & marketing websites, to determine common survey design understanding by adult professionals, from the perspective of a "survey respondent"

  3. Design and develop survey questions and responses, deliver via email link, as a recruitment tool for research-based capstone project, which would study the use of gamification elements to teach survey design. This also indicated PRE-aptitude levels of learners, for consideration in developing curriculum.

  4. Score and summarize survey results as basis to define learning objectives, prerequisite requirements, and preparation for learning unit instructional design