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Live Lifestyle Medicine
with Dr. Charles Ross and Scott Wagnon PA-C

Learning Objective(s): not applicable here, as role in project did not involve design or development of learning content 

My Role: Website structure and organization only, preparation of documents and ZOOM video recordings for website posting, project advise to medical subject matter experts (SMEs), technology tutorials provided to SMEs upon request ( example: using scheduling calendar on website)

Target Audience: Medical students, professionals and patients in the community with interest in lifestyle medicine and a whole food plant based diet

Learning Management System: Google sites and WIX web hosting to publish learning on website

Additional Tools and Technologies used:

Tockify: for calendar widget to schedule classes

Google Forms: to create email list capture form

Google Sheets: to download email lists captured and email to SMEs

Adobe Acrobat Pro: for conversion and editing of PDFs for posting 

Screencastify: for screen capture creation of video tutorial for SME on use of Tockify

Canva: for logo creation

Mac Preview: for editing photos on About and Contact pages

YouTube Editor: for uploading class Zoom recordings to channel, and enabling Closed Captions

Learning Theories Highlighted : not applicable


Date Created: December 2020

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