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Learning Management Systems

When I make a decision about choosing an LMS, or any other web-authoring tools for an eLearning project, I first consider these questions:

  • What available resources to instructors and instructional designers do I have? ( time, funds, facilities, etc.)

  • Is the cost of the LMS software or subscription within budget?       

  • Are there administrative policies & regulations in a school or organization which I need to take into consideration?

  • What are current staff experiences, attitudes and training resources available using a chosen LMS?

  • What other barriers or challenges from stakeholders need to be addressed before making a choice?

Here are 3 CURRENT samples of projects created in 3 different styles of Learning Management Systems






  • CAMTASIA (In 2010)- 

            For screen capture and recording of web based and classroom hybrid learning unit:

       "Features and Best Practices using the QUALTRICS Survey design program"

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